Wake-Initiated Lucid Dream (WILD)


This technique is an advanced lucid dreaming method. It can be intense at times but the experience is worth it. WILD stands for Wake-Initiated-Lucid-Dream. This refers to any number of methods that involves falling asleep consciously. This technique is much easier to attempt after waking up in the morning or after using the WBTB lucid dreaming technique. Listed below are the steps required to achieve a successful WILD.

  1. Lay down
  2. Tense and relax your body starting from the shoulders working downwards then back up to the face
  3. Keep the mind aware as your body falls asleep
  4. Pay attention to your body
  5. Sleep paralysis will begin to set in
  6. You may get a buzzing sensation
  7. These sensations are strong but are completely safe
  8. Do not try to move
  9. Imagine your dream body going up and leaving your physical body behind
  10. Control your dream body only ignoring your physical body
  11. Now try to roll out of bed into the dream world or just get up and walk away

Sleep paralysis happens every time you dream to prevent the body from acting out dream actions. This can be a very scary experience for some so it is important to note that this is a very safe yet intese process. The first time is always the scariest, afterwards it becomes easier and easier. Listed below are some tips for this technique.

  • Hallucinations may occur, these can sometimes turn into your dream scene
  • Have a positive outlook on the experience
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