Finger Induced Lucid Dream (FILD)


FILD stands for finger induced lucid dream and this technique is exactly as it sounds. This technique can be combined with the WBTB technique for maximum results. Doing this technique in the morning can also help immensely. The steps for the technique are listed below.

  1. Lay down and relax your body starting from you shoulders moving down to your feet
  2. Relax your face
  3. Twitch your pointer finger slightly repeatedly
  4. Make sure the twitch is very minimal (1 cm maximum)
  5. Keep slightly twitching your finger and focus on it
  6. Your finger will merge with your dream finger
  7. Focus on your dream finger until it encompasses your whole body

This technique is a very successful one if done correctly. This helps keep your mind awake as you fall asleep so that you will be more likely to fall into a dream consciously.

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