Welcome to the World of Lucid Dreaming

Hello dreamers, welcome to the world of lucid dreaming. I know I say that lucid dreaming is a world but this statement is in fact false. The phenomenon known as lucid dreaming allows a person to visit an infinite number of worlds. If your mind can conceive a place it is very possible that you can visit that place even if it is just a faint idea. I personally have visited many places on earth as well as places in space. It is also possible to visit worlds with different laws then the ones here in our universe.


Even though the title of the website is My Lucid Dreaming Tips, there will be other writers other than me contributing to the website. I will also be consulting with various lucid dreaming experts all over the world to bring you the best lucid dreaming tips. We have several E-books in the works as well that will allow you to dig even further into the world of lucid dreaming.

We will begin our journey by covering the basics of lucid dreaming. After the basics are covered we will move into advanced lucid dream methods and discuss the metaphysical aspects of lucid dreaming. We plan to test lucid dreaming products as well such as the popular lucid dreaming sleep masks. Many herbs and supplements will be tried to see if they have any place in the world of lucid dreaming. Join us on an adventure into the unknown.

– Scott Black

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